Republicans Find New Ways To Suppress The 2008 Presidential Vote

Color me pissy (is that a chartreuse or a golden ginger ale sort of tint?):

Well, having successful stolen the last two presidential elections, Karl Rove and the GOP have found a new way to keep America from voting: the "polling tax" of the first digital millenium, guaranteed to make it nearly impossible for some to vote. For example, forget your ID and you don't get in. BradBlog has the story of the voter suppression tuck-in to the immigration reform act to either kill immigration reform OR greater voter participation.

But there's a bigger issue here. Many people - including some very thoughtful and learned ones I've talked with - find that the use of a photo ID makes it potentially much easier for operatives in a polling place to determine how you (that's little ole you) cast your votes. Then, if your candidate doesn't get in, the opposing party that did could use that vote against you.