"The Price Of Citizenship"

While military industrial complex businesses like Halliburton have set up a mail drop only in the Cayman Islands JUST to avoid taxes payment of appropriate taxes to the American/federal government/IRS, Prospect offers a recommendation that the ultra-rich (and the mega corps they own) lose U.S. citizenship :

"When the super-rich use offshore tax havens to avoid paying what they owe in taxes, the consequence ought to be the loss of their U.S. citizenship."
Let me propose an amendment: defense contractors who are American in nature CANNOT bid for contracts UNLESS they not only pay their share of the taxes we mere mortals already do; they also must be up-to-date with their tax payments.

A couple of years ago, there was quite a story about how many "favored" Bush no-bid defense contractors were in default for both very large sums of money due to the feds and sometimes for years at a time. Yet they were being pretty promptly handed checks for their invoices, as if the feds "overlooked" their whopping defaults to the taxmen.