Carter Is Worth More Than A Stinking Bush With Root Rot Anyday

Over the weekend, there was much hooing and hawing in Washington and the media as a whole about remarks ventured forth by former President Jimmy Carter that touched on, among other things, foreign policy - how men like Nixon and even Reagan (to some degree) worked the idea while the current (Bush) administration is either "anything goes" kissing cousins or "we'll nuke ya if we don't like the set of your eyes".

Bush fired back with his dismissive smirk, in which he not only dismissed Carter as irrelevant but more than 7 out of 10 of his fellow Americans because they don't see the great Bush "vision". [I also hear Bush gets very ticked when any former president is addressed as "Mr President" when that is the proper address.]

Hey, Carter was not a perfect president, but he's probably the most intelligent, walks the walk as well as talks the talk, well reasoned, and American-and-world loving a former president we have... or have had. Carter's built homes, monitored voter fraud watches, and done so much more since he left office that it's not hard to day Jimmy became a great man only after he left the Oval Office. Compared to the "never will be a MAN" in office since January 2001, give me Jimmy anyday. Bill Clinton's gifts to America need another decade yet to see if any of his acts do more than for his memory and Hillary.

Cheerfully signed, one of only two thirds of all Americans whom Bush finds irrelevant.