Falwell Vs. Phelps: Quite A Dynamic Duo

Oh, I just love this. I do. Both the late (but hardly great) Rev. Jerry Falwell and the Rev. Fred Phelps deserve - and if justice prevails will be eternally assigned - a spot in the far lower molten dungeons in hell in which not even Satan will visit. Maybe if they're really lucky, Jerry and Fred can bunk together and have their own "Chemical Romance" of a conjugal nature. ::choke::

Poetic justice among those who too often and too rabidly confuse extreme fascism with fundamentalist Christianity, reported by 365Gays.

"(Not that I'm naming anyone and I certainly did not myself infer that the (purple?) teletubby was gay or that liberals were to blame for September 11th (9-11-01)!" - I learned this kind of disclaimer from Falwell.)

[Hey, perhaps it kept Phelps' hateful screwballs from attending the funeral of some dead Iraq or Afghanistan combat-American soldier snuck back into the U.S. in flag-draped coffins usually under cover of darkness.]