Bush Does It Again! Promotes a Surgeon General With Extremely Questionable Skills And Agenda

What? Bush hire someone with an agenda (which is always totally supposed to promote only the benefits to the Bushies? You must be joking! [Or you're getting an early start on raising the blood alcohol as high as... well, quite possibly, NOT as high as the president's. Note too I refrain from past tense.

Here's a Buzzflash editorial on Dubya's next ass clown.:

Dr. James Holsinger was tapped by President Bush Thursday to be the nation's next Surgeon General. Sure enough, Holsinger's record is mired with incompetence, zealous conservatism, and, of course, sizable campaign contributions to Republicans.

As Chief Medical Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs under Bush's father, Dr. Holsinger was neglecting our vets long before Walter Reed made it fashionable. A government investigation found "several cases in which incompetence and neglect led to the deaths of patients." Dr. Holsinger was forced to admit blame for the deaths of six patients in less than a year at a single Chicago hospital alone.

But the problems weren't limited to Chicago. In a Wyoming, a patient scheduled for surgery for a treatable cancer died after he was ignored for 45 days following the resignation of the staff urologist over a contract dispute. Thirty VA hospitals were found to have "high numbers of patient complications and other indicators of substandard care."
It gets worse as you read on, including the Bushies' standard moralist homophobia.

Which leads us ever to the burning question, "Why Do George Bush AND Dr. Holsinger Hate Our Soldiers? And no, this is neither rhetorical nor mere sarcasm. The troops have had plenty enough trouble with the White House eager to veto a slight raise for American soldiers.