In The "More People Have Been Inside Paris Hilton Than Have Been In The Hilton In Paris Department

You know, life is just better when you can ignore the silly news the so-called news stations push at you. "Things" like Paris Hilton.

But I took umbrage this week when I saw that Paris, already having gotten her jail sentence halved for a parole violation before she ever got near a cell, was walking around carrying two books (and just her having a book seems ridiculous since it's clear she can't read). [You're welcome to guess the two books so long as you do so before you look below.]

  • The Bible
  • "The Power of Now"

Now, I happen to be a Christian who believes in God but believes the Bible to be a 2000-year-old work in progress that is FAR more of a fiction borne of myths perpetuated by different political and religious and moneyed rulers than the exact word of God or Christ (don't get me started on how many "gospels" were excluded).

But even then, seeing Paris with the Bible tucked just under her clearly freemoving nipple (although, indeed, God made nipples once he evolved us out of the sea!) just seemed pretty perverse. [Neither book showed any evidence, however, of ever having been open. This is a publicity/sympathy stunt.]

What hurt, however, was "The Power of Now." I read that book. It helped me a bit because I constantly operate in the future and past (although, by my current tense, you can tell I wasn't a complete success); specifically, what was presented about surrendering your resistance to come alive in the now. [Oh jeez; this is sounding stupid now like those stupid "self-help" books I've been asked to write but won't.]

Also, why would Paris need a book postulating "The Power Of Now"? I really can't believe she thinks. She seems to invest herself fully, if pink-and-gold fluffily, in whatever skanky now in which she participates.

Anyway, now that you know Paris is reading them, you may not want to bother reading it/them yourself.