Bush Gives Kiss of Death to Dems on Day That Will Live in Ignominy

You have to hand it to Dubya. (I doubt the spoiled frat boy thinks these up himself since it would interfere with his naps, his four days off from every seven day week, and scratching himself. Also, that's why he's got The Dick Cheney and Karl(oad) of Rove on hand.)

Today, he walked into the White House Rose Garden and gave the Democrats the kiss of death - much as he planted on Senator Joe Lieberman (D... no, I.... who the F knows anymore) on that infamous night a few years ago at one of his famous addresses.

By "kissing" the Dems today with his thanks for their capitulation on Iraq, he made sure that the vast majority of thinking Americans will be SURE to hold the Democrats responsible for the work of his corrupt administration that still holds razor grip on all of Capitol Hill. [Did you also note how Bush was saber rattling even louder at Iran as well? Is this the reason for doubling the American troop presence in Iraq when he originally wanted to send less than 20K more soldiers to Iraq?]

I suspect the Democratic 2008 presidential candidates who can show their concern for the troops WITHOUT letting Bush steamroll anymore are the ones most Americans will listen to in the coming months. So far, I'm not seeing standouts (and we need them, badly).

Your take?