U.N. and U.S. Criticize Israel For Overflights Over Lebanon

Even though the troops are in place for Israel to stop this crap, Israel won't stop:

The United States has expressed its disappointment during a phone call with Israeli authorities over the fact that Israeli military planes (manned planes not drones) flew over the south of Lebanon and Beirut last Tuesday in violation of UN Resolution 1701.

This is the first time that this happens, showing – according to much of the local press – that there are fractures within the Israeli government, which widened its majority days ago with the entry of the Israel Beitenu party, a far right party led by the controversial Avigdor Lieberman.

The Israeli progressive press also criticized the flight.

‘Haaretz’ described it as a provocation as well as a violation of Lebanese sovereignty and resolution 1701.

The low altitude flight took place largely in the area controlled by UN peacekeepers.
As for the peacekeepers, Spain just completed its deployment as the last 160 troops arrived in southern Lebanon.

The UN was also angry, and through Kofi Annan’s representative for Lebanon, Gier Pedersen, it said that “the UN expresses deep concern” for what has happened. According to a secret document that has recently come to light, the decision to fly over the South of Lebanon and Beirut is tied to an Israeli need to “put pressure on the international community”