Radar Magazine: "Oh That's Rich!"

Radar Magazine channels the excellent Frank Rich, whose book, The Greatest Story Ever Sold, is available here.

Week after week, Frank Rich musters more moral outrage (and more relevant facts) on the Op-Ed page of the New York Times than any other columnist on that paper. His new book, The Greatest Story Ever Sold, is a compelling account of the "decline and fall of truth" during the Bush administration and a runaway bestseller. Next Tuesday, when America goes to the polls, we will finally learn how many of our fellow citizens have absorbed Rich's views on Iraq—and the consequences of Republican control of all three branches of the Federal government. This week, Rich took time out from his cross-country book tour to talk with author Charles Kaiser about everything from Bob Woodward's belated criticism of the Bush administration to Jon Stewart's indispensable role in keeping the record straight.