A Bit of Weekend Levity

Doug at All Things Democrat brings us some of the late night jokes on this pre-vote weekend:

“Halloween is when little kids come to your house looking for candy. Or as Congressman Mark Foley calls it, ’speed dating.’.” –Jay Leno

“”I understand President Bush has his costume all picked out to scare people. He’s going to dress up as Dick Cheney.” –Jay Leno

“Rush Limbaugh recently upset a lot of people because he accused Michael J. Fox of exaggerating his Parkinson’s disease symptoms for political reasons. Then Limbaugh accused Stevie Wonder exaggerating his blindness for free sunglasses.” –Conan O’Brien

“These activist judges are at it again. The New Jersey Supreme Court says homosexuals actually have the same civil rights as straight people, which means they can marry. See, this is the difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats want gays to get married. Republicans know congressmen need to be able to play the field.” –Bill Maher