It's Bush's World And No Self Respecting - Or At Least Honest and Decent - Journalist Is Safe There

[Ed. update: Oh, and in the Never-Accuse-David-Brooks-For-Being-A-Journalist-Or-Even-Slightly-Bright Department: Brooks now says Iraq has always been a mess. Thanks, David. You're only three and a half years late and more than $100 Billion short - but hey, what's $100 Billion to your Bush masters?]

First, we have the Iraq freelance journalist found dead two weeks after he was abducted in Mr. Bush's "fine and friendly, flower-greeting" Iraq.

Two arrests are made in Mexico in the Oaxaca killing last Friday of activist and journalist Bradley Will. Last we knew, the killers seemed to be Mexican state police out of uniform in what may have been an "execution." What's the Bush connection? I dunno... maybe the rigged elections there guaranteed to bring a Bush-loyalist into power over the country. Nothing biggie about that, right?

More journalists have been hurt in Afghanistan (another Bush-Rumsfeld wonderland!)

And here at home, Brent Bozell, the asshole whose sphincter hangs to the far right, condemned MSNBC's intrepid Keith Olbermann for his Special Comments on Mr. Bush Wednesday night; Bozell of course called Olbermann a brown shirt while calling Olbermann a purveyor of hate speak (oh yeah... only sugar drips from Brent's dyed blond facial hair rimmed mouth). See next post (up) for more information on Olbermann.