Democrats, The Mid Term Elections, And What They Say About Assumptions

Do not believe all you hear about how the incredibly righteous reddies will stay away this election because Mark Foley is gay or how the Democrats will easily get a landslide to re-take both sides of Congress on November 7th. And pretend NOT to believe all you read (both here and elsewhere) about how the reddies have bought, sold, and programmed to cheat every electronic voting machine, including the optical scanners that read in paper ballots.

Your best chance to change the Titanic-didn't-go-down-so-badly course the Bushies have us on is to research your candidates, register to vote (in case you aren't) and then to go to the polls on November 7th.

After all, the best way to wipe the smirk off Karl Rove's fat face is to deliver a victory that even those pre-programmed-to-cheat Diebold machines can't deny!