Imus And Others Tell Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert to "Shut Up and Be Funny"

Don Imus said this basically today as other right-wingers have said before.

First, Stewart and Colbert's first agenda is to be funny... and they're succeeding royally! They do not only poke right wingers, but no good right winger ever likes a single poking while they want to burn any to the left of Ronald Reagan at the stake.

Second: personal note to Don Imus. Don, first, let me thank you. I was a very small child when you were so coked and stoned on NBC radio out of New York that I thought you were terribly funny. But my thanks is two-fold, because I also need to thank you for helping me manage to go through my adolescence and adulthood pretty much drug free. After all, you were a pukey role model for "better living through chemicals".

Also Don: many people have said for far longer that you should shut up on your claptrap and be funny. But you don't heed that advice and frankly, Stewart and Colbert wipe the floors of both coasts with your ratings.