When You Go To War With The Leaders You Have, Instead of the Leaders You Want!

(Thanks to Donald Rumsfeld for coming up with such a spiffy turn of phrase that can be reworked to apply to other arenas of dissatisfaction!)

Constant at Constant's Pations has several notable pieces of information guaranteed to annoy, inspire, or make you wheeze. Here are a few:

  • Affiliated Computer Systems, Lockheed Martin allegedly complicit in war crimes and abuse of prisoners.
  • FBI has evidence John Bolton intimidated witnesses.
  • The Department of (In)Justice can't get its stories straight against supposed terrorist, Jose Padilla.
  • World leaders are pissed over new Bush edict to open and read mail.
  • Harriet Miers - the Bush fan Bush II tried to push onto the Supreme Court - resigns:
  • Miers resigned because the President has too many legal problems, and not enough talent or experience in the White House Counsel's office.The staff changes are part of a larger legal effort to beef up the President's legal team who has a disaster on his hands: Alleged war crimes, investigations, and no credible legal defenses.