Was Saddam Rushed To Execution to Silence Him?

If you've read my postings in the last few days, you know I've wondered this. Saddam knew a lot of dirt about the Bushies and the Middle East. Some of it dates back to the Reagan-Bush I years with more of it more contemporaneous.

Nor is this just idle speculation; Iraq law requires 30 days post affirmation of death sentence for an appeal. When the review board affirmed Saddam Hussein's sentence, there were less than two weeks left before he was hanged - meaning that more than two weeks were shaved off the law-provided appeals process. The appeal had been filed and not yet heard when he was executed early Saturday morning Iraq time.

Here's what Robert Scheer has to say (at Alternet) about what Saddam might have told us had the Bushies not rushed him to the gallows and why the Bushies may have very much wanted him silenced for good as quickly as possible.