About The New Toyota That Won't Operate If You're Drunk?

While I applaud Toyota for coming up with a car that won't allow a drunken or otherwise impaired person to operate it (uh.. aren't there products - perhaps even after-market ones - out that do this already), I have just one question:

When the [expletive deleted] will someone come up with hardware that will prevent a president who has no sense of what he's doing
(whether drunk, on cocaine or other drugs, or just a complete and utter egomaniacal moron) from having any of his orders or mandates acted upon?

We sure could have used that the last six years, and I can certainly think of someone (who shall go nameless but there might be a visual clue in this posting: it's late and I can't tell) for whom this would be useful, and a whole PLANET full of people (anyone not named Bush or Cheney or Halliburton, actually) whom this might save.