Joe Lieberman: Even As He Declares War On Iran, He's Also Been One Of That Nation's Best FiendsFriends

[Ed. note: I tried numerous times to post this last night but Blogger ate them faster than my dog devoured my last batch of Christmas cookies.]

Both Anonymous Liberal and Glenn Greenwald, posting at Glenn's Unclaimed Territory, make some excellent points re: Republicrat Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman's editorial in the Washington Post effectively declaring war on Iran. Joe, being President Bush's favorite "beanie-wearin', Jesus-challenged" friend, is not only ardently supporting Bush's planned "surge" (most of us would call it a monstrously disastrous escalation of the Iraq War) but can't wait to get into Iran and destroy that country as well.

And that's a big part of the points tendered by Glenn and A.L.: that men like Lieberman have helped tremendously in making Iran what it is today just as assuredly as men like Lieberman want to tear Iran down in a move that mixes "Christian" and Israeli zealotry with too many other tragically misguided notions, including the neocons desire to wipe out the Middle East and reshape it in their image. Yet, a bigger true slice of this is Lieberman's blind ambition to become president; something he will likely never see come to fruition, regardless of how many rigged Diebold voting machines are out there. Like John McCain - except that McCain actually served in a time of war - Lieberman is willing to spare countless lives in service of his campaign.