On This Memorial Day Weekend...

Let us appreciate America's 25 million living veterans (one in every dozen citizens), demand we stop unnecessary aggression against other countries, and begin to worry about our own massive problems. At the same time, think about all the many wars this Republican chickenhawk vice president (Dick Cheney) and chickenshit commander in chief, Mr. Bush, have started since they used corrupt court processes to take the White House in December 2000:

Besides those declared wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the proxy war Israel waged for Bush to break the spine of Lebanon in proxy:

  • War on the military and our veterans (asking so much while cutting services to them every damned day)
  • War on basic human rights
  • War on individual privacy
  • War not on poverty but against the poor
  • War on families (you have to be the "right" kind of family not to feel "intruded" upon
  • War on science
  • War on reason
  • War on truth and accountability as well as the whistleblowers who try to make the Bushies honest
  • War on public education and against the best conditions for our kids
  • War on young minds, trying to lure them away from high school or college with lies
  • War on drugs (which got rolled into the War on Terror which, as they say, is a bumper sticker motto but hardly a game plan) which includes the ability for Americans to afford them, to get them for their most urgent needs (ex: contraception, pain relief, and yes, even decongestants in cold formulas), and to make decisions about their own bodies
  • War on anyone who isn't of the Fascist Fundamentalist Christian "faith" (Muslims, especially)
  • War on America's honor, its reputation, its compassion
  • War on the sick (remember Terri Schiavo, kept alive when there was little brain left in her while the Bushies had no trouble discontinuing treatment to the ultra poor minority babies)
  • War on journalism
  • War on the United Nations, NATO, and other worldly agencies

Care to name some other wars?