Of Catfights and Clintons and Cretins - Part 2

[Update on Dizzy Lizzy here. Part 1 of this post is here; Part III here.]

Let's start with Rosie, Elizabeth, and the myth of the "cat fight".

Slice away from last week's so-called catfight on The View between O'Donnell and Hasselbeck and the only thing you're truly left with is the very post-9/11 Bush Administration's "loyalty oath" TV style dedication to the Bush "vision" for empire. Sorry, boys, there's just very little evidence that such a phenom (where a guy sees two women start to speak crossly to one another while the guy is riveted, hoping the two women suddenly kiss instead of argue.) has any truth as its base.

The media could not stop playing the footage even before O'Donnell quit show three weeks early (notably, The View had a jump in viewers ONLY one Rosie came aboard. Their argument got so bad:

  • the side of America (the 72%+++ majority) that thinks Dizzy Lizzy is one of those real-real right types who thinks like George Bush because they share roughly the same mental capabilities began to insist that Elizabeth was more right (is she ever!) and the victor
  • Donald "The Comb-over" Trump (who hates Rosie) called the fight for Omnipotent O'Donnell (which we expected to happen sometime soon after a snowball has cause to melt in Bush's brainpan)
  • made some folks wonder if the timing of this fight could have been better picked given that it hit the media most places just as the Memorial Day weekend wound up to speed (wow! serendipity! kismet!), a rightwing woman got center stage defending the troops and the lefty Rosie couldn't stand it and quit.

Wanna bet Hasselbeck gets an invite to a state dinner or even something more casual at the White House, in part to reward her giving Karl Rove the exact perfect message to play JUST AS people try to put this miserable war behind them for three days ?

[I didn't hear, as others insisted they did, that O'Donnell called the troops terrorists; I think it's pretty clear she meant the Bush Administration's orchestration of this, just one of his many wars. And many of us would agree that the Bushies operate far more like terrorists than "freedom fighters".]