Just Close Your Eyes And Pretend Iraq Is Like DisneyWorld!

This is the advice being tendered by some of the weaker minds of the right, including the ever-so-desperate-for-any-attention-at-all adopted son of Ronnie Raygun. [Michael keeps trying so darned hard to be idolized like his dad as he fails to realize he is like his dad... a puppet of the right who can deliver scripted lines.]

Frank Rich of The Times has already reminded the far right that the gipper is dead, but Michael Reagan (Ronald's adopted son and a fairly poor second version which says a lot considering Ronald Reagan did not have one smart moment after the McCarthy witchhunt in the 1950s while Reagan headed the Screen Actors Guild) begs us to give one more to the ol' Gip.

Michael Reagan insists that we should "shut up" the press, ponder only pretty pictures of Iraq (perhaps take some flowers off the thousands of new civilian graves there each month or the hearts blown from bodies of U.S. and coalition soldiers with all the bombings), and demand that nothing but tales of "wonderful Disney-like perfect sweetness" be allowed to go out over the airwaves.

Apparently feeble-mindedness can be passed from one generation to the next even when there is no blood-bond between Daddy-o (Ronald) and sonny boy (Michael). Perhaps eternally-blond Michael would like to stop his chickenhawk status, put on some substandard body armor, and go over to Iraq to document all these pretty pictures. Idiot.