Of Catfights and Clintons and Cretins - Part 1

As we headed into the long Memorial Day weekend (which has more meaning than a day off and as much barbecue as you can pack in), there were at least four that got some/major play.

These stories were:

  1. The so-called catfight between The View's hosts Rosie O'Donnell and the human fulfillment of "the dumb blonde" joke, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, over the purported issue of "whether Rosie thinks America troops in Iraq are terrorists"
  2. How the Democrats "bent over and spread 'em" for Bush
  3. Hillary Clinton "Exposed" As Calculating and Capable and how she just stayed with Bill for the sympathy vote when she ran for New York senator (and her worst crime, according to the Bushies and the media, is that Hillary WON)
  4. Watch when a bird exacted some revenge by shitting all over The Commander-in-Cheat as he was giving a press conference telling us just how much he enjoyed making the Democrats "his bitch"

Notice any pattern here? Notice anything which seems like - except for #4 (divine providence, perhaps?) - a setup that Karl Rove could not miss (and should not, since it's much of what Felonious Rove has been pulling since he hitched his star to Debya).

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