Religious Persuasion And The Presidency

I am NO fan of Mitt Romney, for a variety of reasons. I won't bother to list them all since all we have to do is look at his very recent "sudden conversions" against a woman's right to choose, etc. to tell you Mitt is, as Rudy Giuliani, something of a political whore.

But as I read this news byte at Taegan Goddard's Political Wire re: Mitt Romney's religious affiliation (Mormon) being a detriment (not Taegan's issue, just reporting it), I'm not very happy about it regardless of how much I dislike Mitt.

While I may not be extremely happy about Mormonism because of some of its tenets, I think it is terribly wrong to exclude someone simply based on their religious affiliation, or lack thereof. Of course, religion isn't the only buggaboo, is it? After all, the press is messing its collective pants that we have both a woman AND an African-American running for the Dem nomination for 2008 presidency. In 2000, people went nuts because Lieberman, a Jew, was running for VP.

As much as I believe we MUST have separation of Church and State, excluding anyone because of their religion, their race, or some other issue is just wrong. Period. Because Mitt's running Republican, it will (inappropriately) matter more because there are too many GOPeeupons who feel someone else's choices are everybody's business.