Has Anyone Read About Ford CEO Keeping Our President From Getting Blown Up?

[In the OOOPS, Found It Department: Ford Motor CEO Saves Bush From Setting Himself on Fire And finally the CEO of Ford Motor Company is being credited with literally saving President Bush's life. Alan Mulally said the president almost plugged an electrical cord into the hydrogen tank of a special Ford hybrid vehicle at the White House last week. Mulally said he violated protocol and grabbed the president"s arm to prevent Bush from setting himself on fire.] Idiot. And no, I'll leave you to wonder if I mean Bush for trying something so stupid or Ford's CEO for.. well... taking care of a large problem wrapped up in a very tiny mind and soul.

I caught just a part of this story on Democracy Now today, yet it's not in their show headlines. I wrote briefly about Bush's 3-20-07 trip to Ford for a photo op with a hybrid Ford Escape (and god nows we need to escape from the Bushiess) documented here.

But nowhere do I see the story referenced about Ford's CEO having to jump in before Bush did something assinine (which he seems to do every second of every day) like trying to insert an electrical hose into a hydrogen only conduit, which would have resulted in a healthy-sized B-O-O-M!

If anyone knows of a link, please give a shout.