Anyone For a Bet?

How long will it take some right-right or sleaze station (Fox Noise, perhaps?) to hire Don Imus now that CBS has outright fired him right after MSNBC kicked him to the curb?

Mind you, as a pre-teen, back when Imus was pushed off to odd channels/times because he DJed totally stoned (and not marijuana either), I loved Don. Why? Because he was nuts (so was my family, but at least Don was interesting nuts). But this nutcase has had many revisions and the worst yet has been his new "right wing" vista.

Someone told me today how sad this is since Don's about to do a telethon for his "sick kids" ranch. But - and I'm sure this is just a chance phenomenon - all the kids I see in video at his ranch are uh... um... how do I say this? Uh... as fish-fbelly-flesh white as I am (I may be 1/8th Native American by genetics but my coloration is more Brit).