Are We Having A Fantastic Friday The 13th?

I mean, there is very little to get in the way of our enjoyment of this religion-free holiday, unless you count pesky little points like:

  • Bush and the Pentagon are soooo desperate for warm bodies to stand in harm's way in Iraq that they're wondering how much hardware would be needed to resurrect dead soldiers and return them to active duty
  • Similarly, they're so desperate for soldiers in Iraq that they're forcing U.S. soldiers with traumatic brain injury, lost limbs, acute psychiatric symptoms, and other illnesses that require constant followup medical care back out on enemy lines
  • Most of the rest of the world, and some of the smarter voices here, believe the U.S. is in for a financial meltdown that will make the dustbowl days of the '29-mid-30s Great Depression seem like a Paris Hilton birthday party
  • Thanks to Bush, America probably should have filed for bankruptcy at least five years ago
  • No one at the Department of (In)Justice - or the White House, for that matter - knows how to tell the truth
  • When, after weeks of delay because the Iraqi Parliament would not show up for work in Baghdad's Green Zone in part because it was so dangerous, a big blast at the Parliament building claims the lives of both parliamentarians, guards, and support staff
  • George Bush and John McCain and Dick Cheney insist on portraying Iraq as "Club Med" when it's more like Hub Dead
  • If we arrested, tried, and found the entire Bush Administration guilty of crimes of treason against the United States tomorrow, it's still going to take decades to simply begin to resurrect our nation from the damage we've done, and perhaps a century or more before the U.S.'s once strong standing will return

I could go on... but if I did, I'd probably have to shoot myself. ::sigh::

Damn. It's nights like this I wish I liked alcohol. But this is an inopportune time to express what a cheap drunk I am.