With Friends Like "Friends of Israel", Does Israel Need Any More Enemies?

The previous post re: Israel and civil rights reminds me of this scary story in Talk2Action, one of those evangelical fanatical rightwing groups "dedicated" to the Israeli state in a way that only sees Israel as a necessary component in their rush to "End Times/Rapture":

"Christians United For Israel" founder John Hagee blames Jews for the Holocaust, says the Nazis worked for God, and warns of an "Illuminati", international banker "One World Order" conspiracy. "Friend of Israel" Hagee got a standing ovation from Senators and Congress members at AIPAC last Sunday. Here's what some of his allies envision for Jews.
So senators and congressmen just love this "final holocaust" scenario as they brown nose for votes and donations? Doesn't matter that in the "Friends of Israel" scenario, they don't want any Jew left standing; all must convert to Christianity or perish forever.

Sickening. Beyond sickening.