"What 'Israel's Right To Exist' Means to Palestinians

Although I read the Christian Science Monitor online several times a week, thebhc, posting here in comments, points out an excellent summary of what we "miss" in the way Palestinians and their Arab/Muslim sympathizers interpret "Israel's Right to Exist" vs. "Recognizing Israel's Existence."

It's quite smart analysis; I highly recommend it.

We really must look behind the rhetoric used by lawmakers and others regarding the Middle East problem, where Israel is always the good guy and anyone we looks like a Muslim the bad guy. In truth, both Jews and Muslims in the Middle East have the right to exist and the U.S. and Great Britain, among others, have made the situation since we established (carved out) the state of Israel much worse, almost guaranteeing the hatred and bloodshed we've seen for years.

Until America can stop taking sides, we help guarantee there will be no Middle East peace.