For Halliburton, There Is No Such Thing As "Too Skanky"

As if Halliburton hasn't done enough to American taxpayers and soldiers - and the White House hasn't done way more than enough FOR Halliburton - comes two "way past low" additions to Halliburton's resume:

1) Someone at the White House (could it possibly be Vice President Dick Cheney who just happened to be Halliburton's CEO just before he went to Washington and started handing over the Treasury to them?) pressured the Army to privitize health care for sick and wounded GIs, which meant much of Walter Reed patient care got entrusted to Halliburton which (for a company willing to double-and-triple bill American taxpayers to serve spoiled food to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan) helped create the crisis at Walter Reed and similar GI health institutions (Hat tip to Prairie Weather)

2) Halliburton, already avoiding paying taxes here by incorporating in the Cayman Islands while collecting tens if not hundreds of billions in U.S. defense contracts is now going to set up its base of operations in Dubai (a very strange country filled with people who are NOT U.S. friendly) to escape MORE taxes AND try to evade subpoenas for all the crap it's done in its U.S. contracts