Vets: Expect Thousands More Pet Deaths From Tainted Food

[Ed. Note: OK, I'm not entirely nuts. Other people actually cook meals for their pets as well to supplement his raw meat and some packaged food diet. And whenever you give meat to your pets - or yourself - you MUST know where it's coming from along with who raises it. I would never serve raw Perdue or Tyson chicken, for example, to my dog. Likewise, the red meat is invariably is purchased from one of the local farmers who don't do bovine growth hormone, antibiotics, or anything like that. I'm also making some of my own dog biscuits these days.]

For more than a week now, the mainstream media - when they bothered to report on the story of tainted dog and cat food at al - kept tossing out the same low number of under a dozen dead pets in what now appears to be a case of rat poison contaminating other products in such food. The media also continued to cite about 45 labels long past the time when the number of affected products had grown to 100 or more. [Consult this list to see if a product you bought to feed your cat or dog is listed.]

Now vets say to expect at the minimum thousands more pet deaths.