McCain Declares Democrats Don't Care About Troops

[Ed. note: Also noteworthy: McCain claims that - despite all his constantly contradictory statements on almost everything - he has NOT changed. Also, more Americans than ever before disapprove (sounds a little light considering what is said) of the Iraq war and the Bushies' handling of it. See *** below.]

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Well, let's see, would I rather be a Democrat seeking to bring the troops home now from a war we were lied into, or would I like to be John McCain who, in light of the lies going into and the failures once we got into Iraq, is willing to risk tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers and even more Iraqi civilians JUST to give McCain a boost in the poll numbers.

As I indicated, I can no longer go along with the ridiculous rhetoric about calling McCain a "war hero" just because he was taken prisoner. A true hero would NOT demand more troops lose their lives JUST for his political ambitions. And the Bushies will never let McCain be president anyway.

***Re: Iraq war disapproval:

A record number of Americans disapprove of the war in Iraq, and a clear majority now favors the eventual withdrawal of U.S. forces, even if civil order has not been restored there — potentially a tipping point in public attitudes on the war.

While solutions remain vexing, for the first time ABC News/Washington Post polls show a narrow majority of Americans support setting a deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. forces. Two-thirds oppose George W. Bush's troop surge; most oppose it strongly.

It all makes for a continued hard slog for the president: Just 36 percent approve of his job performance overall, very near his career low of 33 percent last month. Bush hasn't seen majority approval in more than two years — the longest run without majority support for any president since Harry Truman from 1950-53.

While rooted in Iraq, Bush's problems with credibility and confidence reach beyond it. Sixty-three percent of Americans don't trust the administration to convey intelligence reports on potential threats from other countries honestly and accurately. And 58 percent lack confidence, specifically, in its ability to handle current tensions with Iran.