Conservative Or Not, It's Hard To Be Compassionate For Alberto Gonzales

Last week, with more and more people calling for U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales - a man who has never worked FOR anyone BUT George W. Bush (and certainly, despite that we pay him, he absolutley DOES NOT work on behalf of the American people as he should) - Bush got outright nasty with anyone who might question Gonzales and the White House officials behind the purging of at least eight federal prosecutors known as AttorneyGate or GonzalesGate.

At the same time, the doesn't-seem-too-bright Gonzales first insisted he was "staying to protect the children" (what children?) and then, using our tax dollars, went off on a public relations whirlwind tour of the country trying to find supporters who did not want him to be Going-Going-Going-Gone-zales. Apparently, he's been having a harder time finding people who want him to stay on the job.

For example, Steve posting at one of my fave blogs, The Carpetbagger Report, notes that conservative bloggers have largely given up on Bush's "token Hispanic".

If you happened to catch "Saturday Night Live" Saturday night, you saw an all-too-realistic skit with Bush and Gonzales (played, I believe, by Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen, respectively), where Bush kept saying, "If I found any truth to what's being said about Al, I'd fire Gonzales myself" with Gonzales disappearing from the president's side every time his guilt cropped up.

While I do believe Gonzales can and should resign, I think it is more appropriate for him to be dismissed and then a thorough investigation of him, Bush, Cheney, and the others commended. I still say Treason charges are more appropriate than impeachment.