Poisoned Pet Food: Time To Sue?

I am not a big believer in law suits and "personal injury" cases, but after spending more than a week now following my poor dog around to be sure he pees, and finding more and more foods added to the pet food recall list, I just might join in this case ("Putting a Price on Puppy Love"):

Millions of Americans treat their pets as family. Now a growing number of pet owners are taking that love to an entirely different, more litigious level.

Reports of pets killed or injured by toxic pet food are on the rise and so are the stakes for animal owners and pet-food makers.

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The pet-food recall initiated during the weekend by Menu Foods of Canada — covering more than 100 brands — comes on the heels of food poisonings last year that killed 75 dogs.

In January 2006, Diamond Pet Foods recalled about 20 brands after pets died from a toxic fungus, aflatoxin, in the food. The cause of the latest sicknesses from Menu products are still under investigation but may be tied to tainted wheat gluten in the food.

S&M NuTec, the makers of Greenies dog chews, is the subject of a $5 million suit brought by New Yorkers Michael Eastwood and Jennifer Reiff. They allege that the green chewy treats killed their 4-year-old miniature dachshund in 2005 because the material went undigested in the animal's intestine.