Tonight's GOP Presidential Debate


  • Who is planning to watch?
  • Which of the candidates, if any, will make it even somewhat clear he thinks Bush is doing a miserable job, in Iraq if not across the board?
  • Who do you think, of the 10 or so Republican candidates, is apt to do best?
  • Who will be the greatest assclown (paying my 10-cent royalty to the ever-wonderful Jurassic Pork of Welcome to Pottersville for the use of the term) of tonight?
  • Will you be able to keep yourself from breaking a rib laughing too hard when Tommy Thompson, a man for whom multi-syllabic words presents a challenge, tries to answer a tough question?
  • Will you need to take a very long and very hot shower afterwards?
Of these folks, the only ones I can possibly take seriously are Chuck Hagel (usually very good and moderate but can easily prostitute himself with some regularity) and Ron Paul, the Texan Libertarian anti-war fellow who doesn't stand a chance. Huckabee isn't too egregious either, but I'm uncertain whether he simply tells us what he thinks we want to hear; this we don't need.

Hearing again and again that Rudy Giuliani is the GOP frontrunner for the Republican Presidential candidate is sickening. What a huge mistake! And with John McCain as the second top-runner.... hoboy.