Quintessentially Bush Administration: Anti-Fraud Fed Under Investigation For Fraud

Ever feel like the federal government - and, while this is certainly not EXCLUSIVE to the Bush Administration, those folks have managed to take this art to lofty heights never before seen on the face of this planet - exists solely to waste our money, give us migraines, and detract from overall quality of life? Well, yeah, me too.

So here we go with the Bushie anti-fraud official who seems to be - heh - six feet over his head involved in defrauding; with any other administration, this fellow might get at least a slap on the wrist. With the Bushies, this guy won't just get promoted, maybe Paul Wolfowitz will volunteer to help buy him a girlfriend. ::shaking head, muttering::

A senior government official is under investigation by a congressional committee for allegations he engaged in "widespread fraud, waste, and abuse" -– the same misbehavior he is supposed to ferret out.

Johnnie Frazier, the inspector general of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is said to have rigged contract bids for cronies, fraudulently charged the government for improper travel, wasted tens of thousands of dollars on an erstwhile office remodeling and may have destroyed files that were proof of his wrongdoing, according to accounts given to lawmakers by current and former employees.

As his department's senior investigator, Frazier is supposed to "detect and prevent waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement" at Commerce, according to his office's Web site.
The Bush Administration: when you care enough to cheat and steal your very best.