The New "Open-Minded" Conservative Caucus Just Loves, Loves, Loves Matt Sanchez, Patriot and Gay Porn Model

Considering how much hateful, vicious rhetoric spews from the mouths of the right-most, nut-wingiest, so-called conservatives of the sociopathic fringe of the Republican Party on the subject of gays, I find it heartening to see how warmly they have embraced Matt Sanchez.

If the name "buzzes" a bit for you yet rings no distinct, loud bell, it's because you've likely seen or heard of Matt Sanchez, at least in passing. He's a darling on the Fox Noise circuit, where Sean Hannity, among others, refers to him as a "great American"; he gets his picture taken with ungodly goddesses of the right fringe like Ann Coulter (as in the picture here) and Michelle Malkin.

Matt came to "prominence" when he - self-described as very pro-military - spoke out about how shabbily he is/was treated at Columbia University for being pro-military which, of course, made the strangest of the wingnuts race to embrace him, have him on their shows, write about him on their blogs, and hell, probably race to introduce Matt to their Hispanic illegal immigrant female domestic help.

The first time I heard about Matt Sanchez, in fact, it was on a righty blog where he was described as "a new and improved Jeff Gannon except that this guy isn't a queer homo whore" (the right is ever so diplomatic). Uh, it turns out that this blog post was actually rather prescient because.. uh... it turns out that, among Mr. Sanchez' other interests, he has regularly appeared (appears?) in gay pornography.

Writes Hoffmania in a post entitled, "The GOP's Big Tent":
Let's open the closet door and see who's there now.

Hey! It's the right wing's poster boy for the military, Matt Sanchez, who made the rounds saying how Columbia University students treated him mean for being pro-military. A legit problem, indeed...so the right embraced him without checking his creds. Seems he apparently didn't go to Iraq.

And, oh yeah...something else Fox Noise never checked. He also has a film acting resume' which ain't on IMDB.

What's truly sad about this, of course, is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Mr. Sanchez being gay but there is everything wrong with the far right's vicious homophobia and attacks on anyone who (unlike them) hasn't been married and divorced three, four, five, or six times from a slew of increasingly younger wives as great conservative righties like Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich have been.

And it's sad that, because the extreme right is well.. uh.. so extreme about wanting gays to spontaneously combust, they'll back quickly away from Sanchez, their poster boy, for the one attribute about him that perhaps isn't icky: that he's gay. But he's definitely self-hating and conflicted and pathological enough to qualify for the Malkin/ Coulter/ Gingrich/ Hannity/ Limbaugh/ Rick Santorum wing of the GOP (the company he keeps is indicative of this; no self-respecting person, IMHO, could accept their endorsement).