Justice Department Admits At Least One U.S. Attorney/Prosecutor Forced Out

In the ongoing investigation into the Bushies' purge of U.S. Attorneys/prosecutors, most of whom have been involved in investigating corruption by mostly Republican politicians, the Justice Department admitted today that at least one, Thomas M. DiBiagio, a Maryland federal prosecutor then looking into possible financial abuses of the Republican governor, was indeed forced out.

And, though he keeps claiming he did nothing wrong, Republican Senator Pete Domenici (N.M.) has hired a big gun lawyer against charges he tried to push a federal prosecutor to bring indictments against Democrats in another probe even though the prosecutor had not yet found justification to charge anyone.

Gee, isn't it the GOPers who always say, "If (insert Democrat's name) hasn't done anything wrong, then s/he has nothing to worry about"? They're also the same people who won't allow any investigation into anything they do.

For more on the investigation into the purging of the U.S. attorneys general, see this roundup.