More On The Pet Food Recall And Deaths of Cats and Dogs


The major media is practically ignoring this story, but last weekend's reports of possibly 10 dead pets from presumably tainted food tied to companies producing pet food under the Menu Food manufacturing network) seems like a single molecule on the tip of the iceberg. Since I wrote about it on Saturday, I've heard from literally hundreds of people who say they've either got a sick cat or dog from food on that recall list (usually from kidney damage/renal failure) or a dead pet. On Sunday, I was told that dozens of pets are dead or dying just in one area of Vermont.

Everyone needs to check the recall list at Menu Foods and make certain they do NOT feed their dog or cat food from ANY of the listed products. Check the UPC numbers especially.

If you learn you HAVE already fed your pet any of this potentially contaminated food, contact a vet immediately. I've had a pet die from renal failure, and it's most horrible. Symptoms don't necessarily appear immediately after ingestion. Your vet will likely advise you try to be sure your pet is able to pass urine, is not swollen or tender, is still eating, etc.