Alternatives To Recalled Pet Foods That Can Kill Your Dogs or Cats

A few folks posting on the issue of the huge and deadly Menu Foods Item Fund pet food recall where many dogs and cats are dying of urinary/renal/kidney failure from a contaminant in some of the major brands of pet food, including IAMS and others, have offered some good information.

First, see Doug's comment points out that "Anger can be good" (and many of us are almost as furious as we are downright scared for the health of our pets who received such food before we learned of the latest recall; there have been MANY pet food recalls of various products in just the past year) and gives excellent links to additional information. Please read it.

Also, while I'm not big on advertising on this blog of any kind, let me point you to a dog food company that takes a far less factory-oriented approach: Robert Abady Dog Food. Rob posted here today and I was favorably impressed by some of the articles there as well as the food selection.