British Troops Seized By Iran

The seizure of at least 15 British marines by Iran on charges that they trespassed into Iranian waters is a situation to watch closely. The videotape of the marines sitting in a room, blindfolded, certainly whips up some emotion.

However, we know that both the U.S. and Great Britain have violated Iranian territory (both sea and air) many times in the last few years and some report this has increased significantly over the last several months. Iran has the right to seize ships and sailors who trespass just as the U.S. does on a pretty regular basis.

Before anyone screams and yells about the "horrible treatment" Iran is giving these marines, stop and think what the United States is doing. Our "secret" detainees are tortured, shipped all over the globe, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I am not exactly into conspiracy theories, but I've watched the Bush Administration socially engineer and lie about so much that I find myself wondering if the Bushies and Tony Blair did not set up a scenario by which Bush can have the war with Iran he seems to want so desperately. When people lie and destroy so much, so often, there is literally nothing you can put past them.