As Bushies Create NEW Problems In Iraq, Country Runs Out of Food

The Shi'ites in Iraq are screaming, "Oh, shi'it!" over what they call the U.S. military's ham-handed 12-hour arrest of the son of a major Shi'ite leader while Alternet reports that, besides not having much in the way of electricity, parts of Iraq are running out of food supplies, too.

Mind you, the Shi'ites son was detained as he tried to cross back into Iraq from Iran. But that's sort of like living on the border between Florida and Georgia where you live in one state and happen to attend church in the other. Shi'ites in Iraq and Iran have always moved back and forth between each other, even when Saddam threatened them with execution.

On the food supply issue in Iraq:

The lack of security in Iraq is leading now to a collapse in food supplies.

"Look at us begging for food despite the fortunes we have," 60-year-old Um Muthanna from Baghdad said. Standing at a vegetable market in central Baghdad where vegetable supplies are not what they used to be, Um Mahmood despaired for Iraq.

"A country with two great rivers should have been the biggest exporter in the world, but now we beg for food from those who participated in killing us." Iraq is rich in oil and agricultural resources.

Local and international aid flooded into Iraq in 2004, the year following the invasion, but much of the supply was blocked off after the kidnapping of many aid activists in the country.
The food the Iraqis did get was often not what they needed, or wanted.