Oprah and Boo Fricking Hoo

I couldn't give a flying fuck that poor, poor, poor Oprah feels "so devastated" that girls have been abused at the school she founded in Africa. I mean, all Oprah has done is make this about HER instead of the abused girls. She told us how she went room to room crying... wow, I wonder if the injured girls had a reaction. Gee.

Oprah really needs a HUGE swift kick somewhere extremely tender, and I hope life delivers it to her soon. I know she's the great white hope (look at her audience - women of color, by and large, seem intelligent enough to stay AWAY) but she's bought her own PR for so long her ego grows at the reciprocal rate that the world's ice masses are melting.

Actually, I'd like to keep the icebergs and just melt Oprah and her loony sidekick, Dr. Phil(ledFullofHimself).