Passing The Buck: CNN & NBC Blame Obama's Opponents For Smear Campaign

While CNN and NBC - not to mention the slimeballs at Fox and Rev. Moon's Washington Times, et al - are busy pointing to those who might run against Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential nomination race for Dem candidate (like Hillary Clinton and John Edwards), I think the blame only lies ONE place: with those news organizations who chose to report the smears. In this case, I'm referring to the stories that circulated that Obama, as a six-year-old toddler, was in an "advanced" Islamic terrorism school (quite a bright and evil 6 year old, eh?).

See, anyone can and does say anything they like about another person. It's called rumors and gossip.

But professional news organizations should NOT be in the rumors and gossip department. They should be fully vetting their stories before they run with them. If the story about one person is coming from those who oppose him or her, the flag should wave harder to investigate. And then the story, if there is one, should also embrace who is trying to smear whom and for what motivation.

CNN and a few others have done some really bizarre things like confuse Obama's name with Osama's, as in Osama bin Forgotten Laden. Once is a typo; two or more times gets a little.. uh... shall we say... not just a silly blunder.