George Bush: Still Claiming The U.S. Does Not Torture

[Ed. note: The Washington Post notes what they prefer to cite as a possible misstatement - but which is probably likely nothing like a misstatement - where Vice President Dick Cheney has endorsed waterboarding and such torture as the great American way. Nice. Really nice. Why does the rest of the world hate us? You don't have to struggle to answer that one anymore, folks.]

For George Bush - and his "brain", Karl Rove - lies come as easily as breathing, perhaps moreso.

The other day, he tried to pretend that he has never uttered the phrase, "stay the course", when news outlets like Keith Olbermann's Countdown on MSNBC could easily cite 29 or more public speeches in which he cited this.

Today, I heard Bush say, "The U.S. does not torture. And we won't."


Tell that to the never-charged detainees after 9/11 who mysteriously died in custody.

Tell that to the Canadian man Bush had shipped to Syria to waterboard and otherwise torture.

Tell that to the untold number of reports out of Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) that tell us torture is used each and every day.

Tell that to the Abu Ghraib prisoners (those still alive that is) featured in "recreational" photos by U.S. troops.

Tell that to Jose Padilla and the so-called 20th hijacker (a title the Bushies put on at least ten different people with no evidence they were).

And I could go on for at least an hour with just those cases I have read or heard about, where there is evidence from more than one source.