Is Monsanto Behind An Effort To KEEP You From Eating Healthy Food?

Since I first heard about this move by some states, in an effort supposedly underwritten and spurred by Monsanto (the makers of genetically modified seed and people who, even more than Dow Chemicals, espousing the belief of "better living through dangerous chemicals") to get some states to underwrite a national law that would BAN companies who choose NOT to put chemically-adulterated natural food like cream into their products from NOTING ON THE LABEL their decision, I have been roaring mad.

I say this not just as someone involved in another ice cream company that chooses NOT to use milk from cows treated with bovine growth hormone (rBST, sometimes also called BGH) but as a citizen who WANTS products NOT adulterated, who reads labels to determine what I prefer to buy.

I'm not natural-food-nik; sadly, like everyone else, I eat my share of chemicals. But in various areas, I prefer NOT to provide certain chemicals to my family when I can choose another product that DOES NOT possess them.

To force yet another law down our throats that would PURPOSELY deceive us in labeling is just WRONG.