More On Gas Prices

If you note at the topmost right sidebar, one of the items I've added (as of late last night) is a report on state-by-state gasoline prices. And as I posted yesterday, one must look to the Bush-Cheney Administration for why the prices have skyrocketed.

However, let me add a couple of points here.

First, while the fuel reserve is an issue - one Bush and Cheney manipulate wildly - I failed to mention probably the biggest reason for the average 14 cent per gallon gas rise in the last week: Bush's drumbeat toward war in Iran.

Second, here's another issue I noticed. Check out the prices as they go by, alphabetically by state, and you might notice the same pattern I did. Blue states are paying MORE for gas, on average, than red states. Now, sure, blue states are more likely to impose gas taxes for environmental causes, etc. But up until the time of Bush, we rarely saw such a difference in gas prices, dependent on how voters in a state cast ballots.